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Wwise Spatial Audio Workshop at the Satosphere!

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On the quest for a greater sense of immersion in video games and interactive experiences, content creators arm themselves with cutting edge audio creation tools such as Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio engine, and its Wwise Spatial Audio toolset. Wwise Spatial Audio is becoming increasingly advanced and now allows for real-time modeling of acoustic phenomena including reflection, diffraction and sound propagation, by informing the sound engine about 3D geometry in the game or simulation.

In this workshop, members of the Audiokinetic research and development team Nathan Harris and Thalie Keklikian, will demonstrate how reflection, diffraction, and sound propagation is simulated in Wwise, and how the authoring tool is used to monitor what is going on and to enable creative intervention when desired.

The team will walk through a custom build of the Wwise Audio Lab, a “sandbox” ideal for experimenting with Wwise Spatial Audio, which has been retrofitted to project 360° video onto the Satosphere and to output audio at precise locations in the dome using 31 discrete channels.

Participants will leave the workshop with insight into the tools used to create world-class audio in AAA productions, a glimpse of the next generation of audio technology, and above all, a memorable listening experience.

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Software Engineer, R&D - Audiokinetic
Nathan Harris moved to Montreal in 2012 to pursue his dream, developing cutting edge technology for Audiokinetic which would be deployed in hundreds of games across the globe. Previously a Wwise power user and enthusiast, he now works on the research and technology team as a spatial audio and software architecture specialist. Nathan has a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and when not on the mats or solving problems for tomorrow's most immersive video games, he enjoys brewing beer and roasting coffee using DIY gadgets.

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Software Developer R&D - Audiokinetic
Thalie Keklikian is an electrical engineering graduate with a masters in general-purpose GPU computation. After optimizing image processing algorithms on GPU, she is now part of the Audiokinetic Research and Development team, implementing spatial audio solutions. Thalie enjoys gaming (from boardgames to live streaming on Twitch) and DIY projects like crafting her own cosplays.
Montreal - Friday June 1 - 10:30am
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