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Wwise Ambassador Program  


Audiokinetic is pleased to offer select content providers the opportunity to offer their clients a full turn-key service as Wwise Ambassadors. Wwise Ambassadors are appointed by Audiokinetic and authorized to re-sell Wwise licenses to third party developers.

Please note that to become a Wwise Ambassador, you must meet all program prerequisites, must agree to comply with all program requirements, namely the Audiokinetic Wwise Ambassador Agreement, and must follow all guidelines related to using Audiokinetic trademarks and logos on any of your marketing collateral and communications channels. Please read the following to learn more about becoming a Wwise Ambassador, and contact us for the next steps if you’re interested.

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Wwise Ambassadors 

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Become a Wwise Ambassador   

Good for Business

The Wwise Ambassadors program empowers you to set your clients up with Wwise licenses as a part of your service, and manage all client projects and licenses until your services are rendered.  Wwise Ambassadors may purchase Wwise licenses for their projects, and resell them to the developers as part of their services package, ensuring the best price for their clients while streamlining the process for them. 

Recognition as a Wwise Ambassador

Wwise Ambassadors are identified as such on the Creators Directory, and granted additional Creators points towards their ranking on the Creators Directory. Subject to compliance with all Audiokinetic trademark usage guidelines, Wwise Ambassadors may also use the Wwise Ambassador badge for marketing purposes on their marketing materials and communications channels.   

Advisory Boards

Wwise Ambassadors will be invited to participate in Audiokinetic’s Virtual Advisory Boards and expected to commit to at least one per calendar year.

Program Prerequisite 

You must be registered on the Creators Directory as a Content Provider

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