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Audiokinetic Wwise up on air, is a new monthly variety show presented by Damian Kastbauer. You can expect anything from product overviews and demos, to deeper dive walk-through segments, and interviews with developers and creators from around the world!

Some of our most recent streams have included guests like Kevin Bolen and Bill Rudolph who shared their thoughts about VR audio and shed light on the rich legacy of sonic-storytelling at Skywalker Sound, Andy Martin who narrated an ambient journey through the Northwest Soundscapes project, Rubén Rincón who gave us a clearer understanding of how sound and music was designed and implemented in the game GRIS, and many more! If you'd like to join our Twitch community by signing up for reminders of when we go live, or to send us ideas on who we should interview next, fill the form above! Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.24.24 PM.png

About Damian Kastbauer

A long time member of the audio community, and our Audiokinetic Software Product Manager, Damian brings his experience as a technical sound designer to our Twitch channel as the creator of Wwise up on Air. Damian continues to bring together the movers and shakers of the industry to share their inspiring activities and incredible insights on the art of interactive audio.

An Atari 2600/NES channelled through a C64 SID-chip. A Blue Monday game-child of purple-mountain majesty that feasted on guitar noise during the 90's shoegaze invasion, culminating in a two-tiered pedal board with never enough digits to turn all the knobs. A constant fascination with the dark art of implementation leading to discussions and articles diving into the unknown abyss of technical sound design, game audio podcasts and now the two-volume book series Game Audio: Tales of a Technical Sound Designer. Community to the core. Noise for life. Respect the vibrations.

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