New non-lethal version of Cube, live with 2021.1
You may have noticed that we recently launched Wwise 2021.1! You may have also noticed that the Cube sample has been modified with this release. This modified Cube features the Wwizard from the Wwise Adventure Game. We’ve substituted the gun with a magic wand, and replaced gunshots with magical gems and potions.

Why was Cube modified?
Our main objective was to offer a non-lethal gaming experience to allow more schools to leverage the Cube sample when teaching Wwise.

Wwise 101 and 201 certifications learning content has been updated! 
Our learning material for the Wwise 101 and Wwise 201 certifications has been updated. Please verify course material installation instructions and ensure that you are now using Wwise 2021.1 as well as the latest Cube version to continue learning. We also recommend that you retake any quizzes you may have completed to become familiar with the updated references.

How will the new Cube impact the Wwise 101 and Wwise 201 Certifications?
The lessons and workflows will not be impacted by the Cube update. We have ensured that all the mechanisms in Cube remain the same, and we’re simply going to change some of the audio assets, and rename certain Objects and Events to align with the new visuals.